Specialist Services

Wide Vinyl

We are specialists in hanging Wide Vinyl wall coverings with either paper or fabric backings.  The perfect medium to brighten up and office space and give it a professional look

Decorative and Restorative work.

Jarvis Decorating is highly skilled in using a variety of decorating techniques to bring out the best of your decorative mouldings, cornices and other period features at your home or workplace.

Wallpaper specialist

Jarvis Decorating are specialist wallpaper installers.  From standard paper-based wallpapers to the most delicate and demanding including fabric-backed papers, metallic papers, digital print and wide vinyl, you can trust Jarvis Decorating to achieve a high quality finish. 


We will personally measure your wall surface area to be covered, hand trim and apply the covering to your walls.  We can advise on room preparation  and after care following your paper installation, and we are always happy to discuss your proposed purchase with you, to ensure that the paper is suitable for the area to be covered. 

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